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Mobile, Landline and Voip Systems


Getting business done no longer means sitting at your desk. The modern world keeps moving, and you need to move with it wherever that might take you. Top Comms understands that. From helping you get the best phones and the best plan with every major provider in the country, to ensuring that you have every service that you need at your fingertips when you’re on-the-go, Top Comms is here to help set you up for success. All while keeping your costs down and ensuring that you end up with the right system for your business.


Any business needs a good landline plan in place. Thanks to VoIP technology, that landline doesn’t need to be tethered to your desk. Now you can gain all the benefits of an office phone system and take it on the road with you. Log in from wherever business takes you, and enjoy all the benefits of being at the office. Top Comms can help save you money by combining your landline and mobile needs in to a comprehensive communications package that will keep your business plugged in and moving forward.


Any business needs a good way of managing internal communications. We have multiple ways of supplying a phone system into your business dependent on your requirements. This could be in the cloud using our VoIP solution where you can benefit from the latest technology and robust workforce. Having your staff working from home with a desk phone on an extension is extremely powerful.

A fixed telephone system allows your business to support a scalable system where SIP or ISDN channels support the call services. Regardless of the technology our consultants are equipped to road map out your communication strategy and advise you in the right direction.