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As more business continues to be done online, a top-of-the-line broadband business plan needs to be in place for your business. Whatever your bandwidth needs might be, Top Comms can help get you started with a plan that will save you money. We’ll help you every step of the way, from getting you the right services to setting up the network in your office. And since we can also take care of all your business communications needs, you save even more by consolidating through a single provider.


If your business needs to move blocks of data and stream video on a regular basis, standard broadband might not be enough. Maybe you need something faster and more modern. If your business requires the fastest possible connection speeds on the market, then check out one of our Fibre Broadband packages.

Fibre broadband is simply the fastest Internet connection available on the consumer market today. The speeds offered by fibre can exceed several times that of even the best of standard broadband networks. No more waiting for big downloads to complete or dealing with twitchy video conferencing. Leave lag time behind and enjoy all of the advantages of a fibre connection


As more business continues to take place in the digital sphere, a good Internet solution becomes increasingly important. That’s why Top Comms offers combined digital and telephone packages to our valued customers. The days of treating these needs as separate entities are long over. Why deal with two separate companies when you can save time and money by having both taken care of by one provider?

Our broadband packages offer high speed Internet connections that won’t leave you twiddling your thumbs while pages load. Speed is of the essence to commercial clients, and we offer only the fastest connections available so that you keep your competition in the rear view mirror.